Vehicle Mounting Bracket For Toughbooks

Life on the road is demanding enough. Having to work on your ToughBook laptop computer in the car can make it even more so. The space is cramped even in the biggest of cars, and the stress to the body can take its toll over the long run. But with vehicle mounting brackets for ToughBooks, you can be spared a lot of these problems. Studies have shown that proper ergonomics can greatly reduce wear and tear on the joints.

Designed specifically for the ToughBook series from Panasonic, the mounting brackets available fit seamlessly into your vehicle and hold your notebook in the best possible position for comfortable working conditions. More than that, since they are designed for the ToughBook series, there is little risk of them losing hold of your precious computer. Work safely, drive safely.

At we understand that to be effective in business today you have to have the right equipment. You've made the best choice with your ToughBook computer. Now complement it with the right vehicle mounting bracket. Your computer will thank you, your body will thank, you and your business will thank you. It's a win-win-win situation.

At, we do one thing, and we do it well. We deal in the Panasonic ToughBook series from Panasonic. We are an authorized dealer and know these machines inside and out. Let us help you get started towards increased productivity, comfort and peace of mind today.

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