Toughbook Tablet PC

Tablet PCs have changed the way a lot of people work on their computers. But how about going one step further? How about a tablet PC that not only has computing power, but can actually also be a laptop? With the latest innovations by Panasonic, this and so much more is possible.

The Panasonic ToughBook series is legendary. But one particular model stands out from the pack. The ToughBook 18 is both a ToughBook tablet PC and a ToughBook laptop. With a screen that swivels in any direction, the ToughBook 18 can receive handwritten data directly into Office applications. The "pen" can also be used to handle any mouse functions.

If you work in the field and need a tablet PC by your side, you know how hard it has been to bring your work with you without worrying about its safety. Happily, those days are gone. Travel safe, work smart, and breathe easy with the ToughBook 18. The screen can even convert from vertical to horizontal depending on your needs.

At, we carry the full line of ToughBooks from Panasonic. The ToughBook 18 is one of our personal favorites. We are an authorized Panasonic dealer and have been helping customers find the perfect ToughBook tablet PC for their needs. We can do the same for you today.

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