Toughbook CF 18

The ToughBook CF-18 is the best of all world for anybody that works in the field or on the road. It is a laptop, which means you can travel and work without being tied to a desk; but it is part of the ToughBook series from Panasonic, which means it is built to the highest standards of resiliency; plus, it can be transformed into a tablet PC with a few flicks of the wrist.

The screen is an XGA display that is a 10.4" multidirectional and fully rotatable screen for all your tablet needs. Use the Toughbook CF 18 as a touchscreen tablet with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional, or in the "digitizer" mode with Windows XP TabletPC. In the latter mode, handwritten date goes directly into Microsoft Office applications, letting you work as if you've got a pad and pen in hand.

But there's more. The ToughBook series are the best on the market for yet another reason: battery life. These machines are built to give you the long-lasting power you need when working away from power outlets. What good would they be if they only lasted a couple of hours before needing a re-charge? The low voltage hard-drive can deliver up to five hours of on site life.

At we specialize in tough laptops and handhelds. There is no machine like the ToughBook CF 18 available today. It can survive tough conditions, and deliver seamless PC computing at the same time. How's that for form and function?

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