Toughbook 29

Whether you're on the road or down in the trenches, the Panasonic ToughBook 29 is built for two things: performance and toughness. And like the rest of the ToughBook series, it delivers on both counts. Tested to the most rigorous military standards, the magnesium alloy casing is designed for durability throughout, including the flex points, seals and hinges.

But why stop there. Under the hood, the ToughBook 29 is the fastest, toughest, most reliable ruggedized laptop in the world, with a lightweight body packing a powerful punch. And with a large anti-reflective, outdoor-readable LCD display and backlit keyboard, the ToughBook 29 is easily viewed in any light.

Laptops are meant to travel, and in today's world of wireless connectivity that means you can travel, but stay in touch. The ToughBook 29 has built-in wireless hardware so you can communicate from remote areas, and do the work you have to do, regardless of environment or location. The ToughBook 29 is truly the standard by which all tough laptops will be measured.

The ToughBook 29 is ideal for the business man or woman who will have to work in adverse conditions, or anybody who wants a state-of-the-art laptop that won't quit, under any conditions. Come to to find great deals on the ToughBook 29 and other ToughBook models from Panasonic. You'll be glad you did.

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