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Toughbook W8

Toughbook W5

The Toughbook CF-W5 has been discontinued.

¦ Full Magnesium Alloy Case
¦ Shock-mounted Hard Drive
¦ Ultra-portable 2.9 lbs.
¦ Long-lasting 6.5-hour Battery Life
¦ Wide Area Wireless-ready Design

The sleek ultra-portable Toughbook W5 is designed for the high-output demands of today's mobile professionals. Rugged features ensure maximum durability and industry-leading reliability. Run software applications, deliver powerful multimedia presentations and burn CDs. Access email from the road or surf the Web from virtually anywhere.

As with all Toughbooks, designed for field service or business environments, the new series of notebooks include magnesium alloy cases, flexible internal connectors and shock-mounted and removable hard drives. Business-rugged Toughbooks are tested to withstand a one foot drop, while the hard drives themselves are rated to survive a fall of thirty inches.

Full magnesium alloy case is the ultimate in strength and beauty.  Combines high fashion looks with an impact-resistant casing that's 20x stronger than ABS plastic.

Shock-mounted HDD insulates and protects your data from the bumps and knocks of the road through high shock-absorbing polymer compounds.

Toughbook W5: Ultraportable Notebook for the Mobile Professional

The ultraportable Panasonic Toughbook W5, with its integrated DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 12.1 inch anti-glare LCD, and weight of just 3.1 pounds, is ideal for mobile professionals who demand the standard features found in larger notebooks at a decreased size and weight. Equipped with an ultra-low voltage Intel Core Solo processor and battery life of more than eight hours, the W5 is as useful on an airline tray table as it is in the board room.

Lightweight Body of 3.1 lbs
LCD Panel only 0.3mm thick
The reinforced frame has made it possible to reduce the thickness of the LCD glass plate.
The body is covered completely with a thin- walled casing of lightweight but strong magnesium alloy.
The highest award (Design Award) of the IMA (International Magnesium Association) was presented for this technology in May 2004.

The technical prize was awarded by the Japan Magnesium Association in June 2004. The design technology of the LCD rear panel, which is made of a thin-walled magnesium plate, has also been acknowledged.
Simplified Thin Keyboard Reduces Weight
Eliminating the conventional resin cabinet linking each key made it possible to design a mono-block keyboard base and achieve thin, lightweight keyboard.
The structure of the keyboard, which is far simpler than conventional types, is supported by a base made from a single plate.
Fan Less Design Reduces Noise & Weight
The fan-less design radiates the heat generated by the CPU without using a fan. This design reduces both the weight and operating noise of the PC, making it possible to use it comfortably in conference rooms and libraries without the annoying noise.
Lightweight Compact AC Adaptar
Weighing only about 7oz, the AC adapter can be easily carried together with the PC
Lightweight Body
W5...Approx. 3.1Lbs *1
T5...Approx. 3.3Lbs*1
Y5...Approx. 3.37Lbs *1 "The World’s Lightest" *2
*1 Average weight.
*2 14.1'' LCD notebook with internal optical drive.


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