Rugged Notebook

If you work in the field, you need two things. First you need a computer that can take a few bumps. Machines get banged around. There's no getting around it, and the last thing you need is to discover you can't boot up sue to some rough handling of your laptop. The second thing you'll need is a wireless connection. So much is done over the Internet these days, not having a connection means being shut out of business, literally.

Today, the ToughBook series of laptops from Panasonic have solved both problems, and they've done it with style. These machines are built to last, with moisture and dust resistant features, and a hard-drive that's shock-mounted in a stainless steel case. If something is going to upset the balance of these machines, it's going to have to be pretty major.

For wireless connectivity, the ToughBook series has an integrated wireless device. External cards are less reliable, more likely to cause interference, and more likely to serve as a chink in the armor. There is no reason not to have the best possible machine by your side, and we at are here to help you find the rugged notebook model that's right for you.

In addition to rugged notebooks, we also carry a line of accessories like vehicle mounts that can significantly reduce wear and tear on a computer. Whatever you needs, the solutions are just a click of the mouse away with products from

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