Rugged Laptops

Rugged laptops are the perfect solution for anybody who works in the field, or has ever had the misfortune of dropping a laptop computer and watching it smash to smithereens. All that data loss, headache and heartache could have been avoided with a rugged laptop from Panasonic. These machines are built to withstand heavy duty environments and deliver quality computers all at once.

Ruggedized laptops from Panasonic come with moisture and dust resistant LCD screens, keyboard and touchpad. Port and connector covers are sealed, and the hard drive is shock-mounted in a stainless steel case. Think of it as having football pads for your computer. All without ever losing the fastest processors available today.

Make you number one source for rugged laptops. We carry the full line of Panasonic Toughbooks and all the accessories you'll need, like vehicle mounts for the true road warriors. The laptops are state-of-the-art, and the laptop mounts are made of the highest quality materials. Never worry again if your laptop is safe. With products from, they always are.

When you work in the field, reliability is a key. In addition to rugged laptops standing the test of time, the Panasonic ToughBook series are designed for the greatest wireless communication possible. With all this in one package, there's no excuse not to make your life easier today with a ToughBook from

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