Rugged Laptop

When you are out in the field, you need reliable wireless communication in order to function at full capacity. The problem, however, with so many laptops and wireless solutions is that interference slows the communication speed. Interference can come from many sources; it can be weather related, or it can be related to interference from other equipment. Luckily, the Toughbook series of laptops from Panasonic has taken care of these problems.

Research has shown that much of the wireless interference occurs when users have external PC cards on their laptops. The research shows that users with wireless devices integrated into the computers experience the least amount of interference. With this knowledge in mind, the Toughbook computers from Panasonic have integrated wireless devices. Plus, they are shielded from noise and heat interference, which equals a more reliable product, no matter where your work takes you.

In addition, the wireless antenna on the Toughbook computer is located next to the LCD Screen. This allows for a wider reception area. It also means that interference from the computer itself caused by the internal workings of the computer is minimized. Finally, since the wireless device is integrated, there are no more broken or damaged external PC cards to worry about. This all translates into a steady and reliable data connection, and thus, more time spent working and less time spent trying to retrieve a data signal.

If you work in the field and rely on wireless communication, you owe it to yourself and your business to get a Toughbook from Panasonic. buytough.Com is an authorized Toughbook dealer. We can help you select the computer you need for your specific line of work.

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