Panasonic Toughbook CF 29 is proud to offer an industry leader in power, usability, and rugged build: the Panasonic Toughbook CF 29. Like all Toughbooks, it features unparalleled durability thanks to a magnesium alloy case and shock-resistant internal components. The 29 also provides robust network connectivity through an integrated wireless modem, or WAN. At 13.3", the TFT Active Matrix Color LCD display matches up to any other similarly sized laptop, but adds optional touch screen capability.

The Panasonic Toughbook CF 29 is ideal for workers in communications, utilities, or electrical repair. With durability to spare, the Toughbook 29 won't get damaged from the constant movement and outdoor conditions that might cripple a common laptop. At less than eight pounds, with a slim build and equipped with a built-in handle, it can easily be held in one hand, leaving the other free to make repairs and other adjustments.

In addition, the Toughbook CF 29 can be custom-fitted with test leads as part of a VIP Sidekick POTS testing system. The package includes digital displays for voltage, stress, leakage, resistance, power influence, noise, circuit balance, loop current, and more, all conveniently built in to your Toughbook laptop. An electrician or telecommunications team could not find a more useful sidekick than the 29.

The Toughbook CF 29 from Panasonic meets stringent military standards for reliability and strength against drops, cold, wet, and vibration. If you demand this level of quality from your mobile computer, order one today from Companies and individuals can ask about our ability to customize each Toughbook for specific professions or teams.

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