Panasonic Tough Books

There's a reason no one hauls their desktop computer and monitor with them on business trips and plane rides. Everyone needs their mobile computers to be light, easy to carry, and slim in build. These features can mean the difference between getting work done efficiently on your laptop or continually struggling to find room and comfortable methods.

Panasonic Tough Books are the rare laptops that are built not only to be portable, but to survive bumps and drops. Tough Books stress lightness and slimness--several models weigh in at less than three pounds and are no more than 1.5" in height--while not sacrificing an ounce of strength and durability. Fitted with magnesium alloy cases, Tough Books can withstand 20 times the strain of ordinary plastic laptops. Light does not have to mean fragile when you buy Panasonic. can fully customize your mobile computer to your needs, as a preferred and authorized dealer of Panasonic Toughbook laptops. We handle everything from installation to implementation, including advice on what components are suitable for your profession and requirements. As exclusive dealers of Panasonic Toughbooks, our knowledge of and expertise in dealing with this brand is extensive.

You can trust to offer the best service on your Toughbook. Because we are an authorized Panasonic dealer, you also get Panasonic's automatic service provision, including upgrade help in the future and options for more comprehensive technical packages. Of course, the best reason to purchase your next laptop at is the quality of the Toughbooks themselves. Order yours today and you won't be disappointed.

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