You have a tough job and so does your equipment. That's why Panasonic makes the utility industry's most versatile and reliable PCs, built to endure the most extreme conditions and meet every challenge of mobile workers. Whether you're dispatched for a trouble call, turn on/turn off, routine maintenance or service restoration. Toughbooks® lead the industry in reliability, which translates to reduced downtime, low repair costs and a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Toughbook reliability plus industry-leading software applications equal powerful utility solutions.

Access blueprints, diagrams and maps. Customize your system to include specific overlays-indicating your utility's hubs, substations, lines and poles.

Plan jobs, send work orders and manage resources to easily direct workflow. Access information instantly to improve efficiency, The result-faster customer service with increased productivity and revenue.

In addition to workforce management and mapping, Toughbooks also support a broad range of utility software including applications for instrument calibration, leak detection and remote diagnostics, reducing man-hours and increasing efficiency.


Feature Benefits

Panasonic Toughbook Real-Time Wireless Communications
Real-Time Wireless Communications
With a wireless-ready Toughbook, you can easily communicate with the home office, receive work orders or make schedule changes while in the field. Accurately dispatch crews-sending the right team to the right job-and more efficiently manage your day to maximize the number of jobs you complete. Have instant access to customer service histories, parts inventories and repair manuals so you can quickly solve problems, eliminating the need for repeat calls. Toughbooks support all nationwide wireless networks including CDPD, DataTAC (MotientSM Network) and Mobitex (Cingular Interactive), and will support new technologies such as GSM/GPRS and 1xRTT/CDMA.

Panasonic Toughbook Integrated GPS System
Integrated GPS System
The Toughbook's optional, integrated Global Positioning Satellite system enables you to quickly access maps, street locations, plant blueprints, cable numbers and substations without leaving your truck or relying on fragile, outdated microfiche. You can also track work crews via an Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) system. By knowing the location of crews with specific skills, you can accurately send the correct crew to handle specialized jobs, as well as monitor the safety of workers dispatched to desolate areas.