Toughbooks support claims estimating software programs from leading insurance software providers. Streamline your workload and generate more estimates, more efficiently with the electronic entry of information via the touchscreen LCD, dramatically reducing errors commonly caused by the re-entry of information from hand-written forms.

When a notebook PC fails, claims remain open, which can negatively impact costs and customer service. Toughbooks' durable design absorbs shocks and drops and can withstand the harshest environments including rain, sleet, snow and extreme heat. So they perform day in and day out, allowing you to always get the job done.


Feature Benefit

Panasonic Toughbook Real-Time Wireless Communications
Real-Time Wireless Communications
With a wireless-ready Toughbook, you can instantly transmit estimate requests to claims adjustors in the field. There's no need to return to the home office for job assignments and completed estimates can be uploaded for approval instantly, so checks can be issued to customers the same day. Estimators can provide customers with a copy of their estimate and a list of authorized repair shops on the spot. Toughbooks support all nationwide wireless networks including CDPD, DataTAC (MotientSM Network) and Mobitex (Cingular Interactive), and will support new technologies such as GSM/GPRS and 1xRTT/CDMA.

Panasonic Toughbook Daylight-Readable, Touchscreen LCD
Daylight-Readable, Touchscreen LCD
You'll never strain with the Toughbook's daylight-readable TFT Active Matrix Color LCD, offering optimal viewing even in bright sunlight. There's also touchscreen for quick, easy navigation of icon-driven estimating software programs.

Panasonic Toughbook Integrated GPS System
Integrated GPS System
The Toughbook's optional, integrated Global Positioning Satellite system enables you to quickly access maps, pinpoint street locations and receive driving directions without leaving your vehicle or relying on outdated printed maps. You'll find job locations more quickly, eliminating costly delays when covering unfamiliar territory. You can also track estimators via an Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) system. By knowing the location of each estimator, you can accurately select the closest person to respond to an estimate request call, as well as monitor the safety of estimators dispatched to desolate areas.